Alliance members can expect to receive periodic alerts that include coverage of trial results, “roundups” that provide intervention-specific updates, notifications of new prostate cancer treatments and research, invitations to prostate cancer events and teleforums, and the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance Common Interest Forum.

What is the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance Common Interest Forum?

We are a place for advocates,  clinicians, scientists and policy makers interested in prostate cancer health care in low and middle resource countries to interact and explore collaborations  and problem solving.
The forum is formed by our online network and listserv, and in-person conferences, beginning as side bar conferences to larger international oncology focused gatherings.

What is the motivation for the Global Prostate Cancer Alliance?

The engine that drives our progress are the personal and organizational connections among alliance members.   The alliance facilitates cross regional dialogue and brainstorming through online and in-person events.  The alliance creates opportunities to connect with corporate and philanthropic funding organizations.  The alliance is designed so that each of us can further our national and local organizations’ goals by leveraging our collective and our individual capacities and understanding the challenges each of our unique communities and nations present.

Projects for 2020:

Develop cross border Patient Reported Outcomes Experience database.
Develop program focused on migrant and refugee men.
Encourage translation and distribution of member materials.