Our Mission:

To diminish the global burden of prostate cancer by enhancing local, national, and international advocacy, and awareness building capacities and access to affordable and appropriate care.

Our Goals:

No man on our planet should be denied access to prostate cancer information, diagnosis or treatment.

The Global Prostate Cancer Alliance is an inclusive collaboration of all prostate cancer stakeholders from around the world.  No one is charged a fee to join and everyone is encouraged to participate, collaborate and share knowledge and technical assistance.

We are an international leader in facilitating local and national prostate cancer advocacy and awareness dialogue and media connections.

We promote understanding of local issues through dissemination of leading edge news and development of media, online education, archives, and publications.

We foster  efficient and effective local, national and international strategic planning through information sharing and partnering between members and other stakeholder organizations.

We develop and sustain a system for global delivery of advocacy resources and information to the array of stakeholders who must work together to ensure that the rights and interests of trial participants, eventual users, and communities are fully represented and respected in the scientific and product development processes.


The Global Prostate Cancer Alliance is funded and temporarily governed by Malecare Cancer Support.  More information about Malecare and it’s Board of Directors, can be found at http://malecare.org/about/  and http://malecare.org/about/staff/