Local Needs: Assessment of local needs regarding access to treatment, access to media, access to public and private stakeholders and external funding.

Disease Awareness and Education: Provision of information and/or conducting programs that inform the public, people living with the disease/condition, caregivers, and/or professionals about prostate cancer surveillance, diagnosis and management.

Treatment Information: Provision of information and/or conducting programs about treatment of prostate cancer, which may include references to diagnostic tools, products, therapies, and/or compounds in development and creation of educational sessions on key healthcare policy topics with expert speakers

Supportive Services: Provision of prostate cancer support groups, peer support networks, hotlines, counseling, healthcare provider referrals, financial assistance, and/or information about insurance coverage and treatment access,

Communications Training: Provision of media, communications, and/or crisis management training for organization representatives to serve as spokespeople and/or participate in media activities, including interviews.

Staff and Departmental Development: Provision of communications, public relations, information technology, or other support to strengthen organizations, through loaned services, technical advice and support, or access to third-party vendors.

Advocacy for Patient Access to Healthcare Services: Provision of information and education for organizations about how to advocate for appropriate healthcare services that may have been denied to constituents or are not accessible to them and development of an advocacy tool kit with sample letters, petitions and calls to action.

Advocacy for Patient Access to Medications: Provision of information and support to organizations on how to navigate and have discussions with payers related to formularies and coverage of treatment.

Patient Assistance Programs: Provision of discounts and programs to constituents to make treatment more affordable.

Treatment/Practice Guidelines: Provision of publicity for evidence-based research and studies to determine and articulate standards of care and practice guidelines.

Clinical Trial Support: Provision of support and information to help organizations educate constituents about clinical trials, including trials that might be appropriate for them.

Meetings and Symposia: Sponsorship of facilitated meetings by expert speakers.